Toxic Plastic Water Containers Cause Diabetes

It comes as no surprise, or does it?, that certain common environmental pollutants increase your risks of developing Diabetes, and reader please fasten your seat belt, as it were, for one of such toxic contaminants is found in the water that you drink.

Plastics pose health risks and contaminate food chain.

This dangerous chemical is everywhere now, because it is a component of plastics, including those found in plastic water bottles and baby bottles . By the way, it should not exceed your own powers to comprehend exactly how these toxic substances are approved to find their way into the food chain and deal havoc to your health.

Humankind has been advised from time immemorial that, “For lack of knowledge in truth, the people perish”.

Has anyone ever told you that this toxic substance is in the food chain and precisely where, and what are it’s dangerous effects to your health ? It is also found in the lining of hundreds of millions of food containers, plastic jars, plastic bottles and beverage cans. Imagine that for a moment, then take a look around your kitchen. Now, do you see the why of–for lack of knowledge in truth the people perish?

Matters get worse and more scarier with the uncovering of the fact that, that toxic substance is also heavily used as a Dental Sealant. Meaning that you are for sure constantly and slowly being poisoned . Your health is being doubly hammered and badly compromised if you do also carry the toxic mercury dental fillings, deceptively referred to as “silver fillings”.

BISEPHENOL-a, is deadly to natural health.

Yes reader, that is the toxic culprit, Bisephanol-a, also known as BPA . Clinical researchers from the Iberia peninsula, you know it as Spain, have discovered following extensive studies that bisephanol-a does indeed routinely leach out of plastic bottles and plastic food containers, into the liquids and foods that are in such bottles and containers.

In other words the plastic components from the plastic water bottle that you purchase from the grocery store or supermarket or kiosk, the very plastic bottles you see everybody seeping from nowadays, can and indeed do leach into the liquid and thus do cause very very serious health problems. BPA mimics human body estrogen once ingested and therefore can badly mess up your endocrine system. It is a hormone disrupter, and makes you vulnerable to cancer and is extremely dangerous to a baby’s health.


That clinical research revealed that even the tiniest possible amount of toxic bpa, causes a rapid increase in your blood insulin levels . Reporting in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, researchers were shocked that such tiny amounts administered over a time interval of only four days, caused a chronic state of hyperinsulinemia, resulting in insulin-resistance, a tell-tale precursor of TYPE-2 DIABETES.

The toxic trail does not stop there. At Case Western University, Dr. Patricia Hunt published her research findings in the journal Current Biology five years ago , that low level exposure to bpa leads to prostate tumors and has adverse effects on prostate and breast tissue development, decreased sperm count and even the development of excess fat formation. And from the “Show me State” in the mid-west at the University of Missouri, the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, reports an almost duplicate study that made a sinister discovery, namely that BPA detectably leaches into liquids and foods even at room temperature.

Can you imagine how much toxic leaching is taking place in your plastic water bottle during summer time? And do you feed your lovely baby warm liquids using a plastic baby bottle?

The Health Ministry of Canada recently revealed that it has at least 149 independent clinical research reports, that conclusively prove that use of bisphenol-a in baby bottles causes behavioral, and now reader get this, neurological disorders later in life. Please, kindly go back and read that paragraph once more. Then do ask yourself, Who benefits?

It is often enough interesting, that some human beings stumble upon the truth, get up, dust off and continue as if nothing has happened. Are you one of them?

In one of the clinical reports, BPA is directly linked to the triggering of a chromosome error that causes miscarriages, and birth defects such as the Down Syndrome.

More major health problems.

It is automatic that heavy metal toxicity in your mouth and body, results into damaged or progressively reduced mental and central nervous system function, lower energy levels (by the way, have you noticed the sharp spike in availability of the so called energy drinks over the last five years? and can you start to wonder why? Yet once again. those energy drinks come in either plastic bottles or cans lined with bpa. Why are we not able to connect the obvious dots?

Long term exposure to toxicity as for example, in forced and repeated vaccinations to babies and children, and then the deceptive annual flu shot (all of which carry toxic aluminum and disguised toxic mercury) results in slowly progressive physical, muscular and neurological degenerative disorders. In effect, that means that sooner or later, Alzheimer’s,Parkinson’s,Multiple Sclerosis and Muscular Dystrophy are at your door-step. And all of these disorders to the body human are increasing.

Women Health At Great Risk.

In a CDC study in 2001, revelation was made that one in ten American women was at risk of having a baby born with neurological disorders, as a result of utero toxic mercury poisoning. That is precisely because, over seven million American women able to conceive, already have, repeating please, already have toxic mercury levels above EPA safety guidelines.

And that is just one source of poisoning, the toxic mercury in the mouth as dental fillings and the mercury accumulated from forced vaccinations since you were a new born baby on day one.

There are means to competently and safely remove the toxic amalgams from your teeth, and then you must detoxify your body using a safe, natural and clinically proven MCP.

Even the agency for toxic substances and disease registry agrees that exposure to toxic mercury, aluminum or BPA from plastic containers, brings on brain damage at various levels and at times kidney failure to a developing baby yet to be born.

Water Use and health, Your Drinking Water Not Safe.

The Consumers Union (where are they when you need them the most?) recently found bpa in eight out of the ten five-gallon water plastic jars that they tested. It is also well known that low levels of bpa do terrible harm to fish and other aquatic life. Needless to mention that beverages packaged in glass containers or glass bottles are safe from the dangers of bpa and even much convenient and safer in a totally stainless steel bottle. However, be sure that the stainless steel bottle is exactly that on the inside, without any kind of coating. Reader, did you follow that?

Most of your body is composed of water, and if the water you take is contaminated by such as toxic bpa, then your most important asset, health, is at grave risk .

There are dozens of chemicals, herbicides and pesticides being released into the environment, along with all the hormones, medications and other toxins that are flushed down the toilet daily. It is very important to note that most municipal water supplies test for a mere handful of such contaminants, as they are narrowly focused on pathogenic bacteria.

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