Are You Ready For Your Next Opportunity?

Times Are Changing Keep Your Resume Sharp!

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security job security for most people is a thing of the past, and honestly that is a good thing. Technology and business changes too fast, so you really need to stay on your P’s and Q’s at all time, because you never know when something is going to change. As a professional, you should always be ready for something new, something different, and you always want to be prepared.

After hearing so many horror stories from people who had their lives changed abruptly when an employer decided to go out of business unexpectedly, or some change to the law books caused thousands of people to lose their jobs almost overnight. With the number of pink slips, buyouts, and takeovers that we are seeing in industries around the world, being ready and prepared for change is not optional, it is required. Part of that process is remembering that no matter who you are and what you do, you could find yourself on the chopping block, so you need to be prepared.

Your resume is a tool, to help you sell yourself when a new opportunity comes along. Your resume has the ability to help you open up doors for speaking, teaching, and consulting, not just securing a new position. Your resume tells people what you do, and it helps them understand your background. Many people have decided to supplement their income by creating businesses on the side, or by creating consulting practices that will help them stay sharp, and are the first step to creating the next phase of their lives.

Understand the society that we live in! The internet opens up new doors every day not just locally, but globally, and you need to be prepared for that, as well. Here are some other reasons why having an up to date resume is important. These days people need to know about the skills you possess, and how they can help them. Even the people you work with every day may have no idea how talented you are. Seeing what you have done in black and white, gives them a clearer picture of your many skills, talents and abilities. People in organizations that you work with, and work for may start putting you in a box so having your resume, sharp and ready at all times lets you put out some subtle reminders that you are ready for new opportunities, and that you are willing to learn and serve the organization in other capacities.

When new opportunities come along, you want to be one of the first people that others think about, and you also want to be prepared and ready at any moment. When someone refers you, make sure for their sakes and yours’ that you don’t just look sharp and polished, but that you can respond quickly with a well thought out document that is ready at a whim. Preparation is part of any good game plan, so make sure you are ready for any opportunity that presents itself. There Is nothing like having someone present you with an opportunity, and then having to go back to a document that is 5 years old, trying to remember what you have done over the past five years, that is relevant. If you make updating your resume a quarterly habit, you may have to make a few small changes, but it is nothing like having to start from scratch. When you have a fairly recent version of your resume available at all times, you have options, for instance, you can send what you currently have available, and then promise to send them an updated copy in a few days.

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