Relevance of a Consumer Review and Complaint

Whenever one needs to buy a specific good that is available from different sources, other people’s opinions have a huge influence to form a decision. The growth of information technology has led to an increase in web marketing and online businesses. The buyers are unable to physically examine the products sold by these organisations, therefore to establish a bond of trust, a consumer review always helps.

Web surveys indicate that over consumer review 60% of the people read online reviews before they buy anything online. Therefore, a consumer review is beneficial for both the potential customers and the online businesses. Their importance is not restricted to internet purchases as they provide a convenient platform to acquire information regarding any item available in the market.

The product descriptions laid down by the manufacturers are usually quite generic and one only gets to know about the real deal once they have bought the product. A consumer review provides a helpful insight to the product’s defects and advantages and consequently to make up the buyers mind. It could be regarded as a tool for awareness.

While most of the search engines prefer regularly updated content, frequent comments aid the websites to keep their content renewed. Whether the comments are in favour of the listed item or not, they create a significant difference in the number of people that would visit the website and buy the products.

Although there are numerous ways to register a consumer complaint against a defected or a faulty product, a consumer review enables people to complain openly. Generally, all companies do have a customer services department, whose sole purpose is to respond to customer queries and complaints, however, sometimes they leave their customers in the dark.

Every person has the desire for his/her voice to be heard and understood. When a consumer complaint is left unanswered, it makes them feel insignificant and often leads to frustration. A successful organisation needs reviews from their users to guarantee better performance in the future. Since the reviews are visible to everyone, many people lodge a consumer complaint in that section. In cases like these, the reputation of the business is at stake, and the quicker they respond to the query, the better it is for their reputation. Not only does it provide satisfaction to the consumer, it forces the manufacturer to perform better and answers the queries of a number of other people who face a similar problem but do not write a consumer complaint.

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