Polaris RZR Bumper Comparison

The only thing worse than totaling your shiny new Polaris Ranger RZR is knowing that you could have prevented it with the right equipment. There are a ton of Polaris RZR bumper options out there and sometimes the immense selection can make a decision difficult, especially on an aftermarket piece that can vary widely in price. Never fear, this month’s product comparison will give you an excellent idea of what to look for when shopping for the RZR bumper that can potentially prevent serious damage to the entire front end of your machine.

Simple is often the best solution, and Trail Armor’s Polaris RZR Front Bumper makes an excellent case for the simple solution. At just over $300, the Trail Armor bumper is constructed of serious 1¾” steel tubing for excellent strength and black powder coat that is corrosion resistant for protection from brutal winter road salt and vehicle chemicals that can be disastrous for regular paint. This bumper mounts directly to the vehicle frame and protects the radiator by not bolting to the radiator support. The tubular construction gives the bumper a rugged look while blending seamlessly with your RZR’s cage. This bumper also accepts Polaris’ factory winch mount and includes two welded light mounting points to mount the off-road lighting system of your choice.

The Polaris Front Deluxe brush guard provides complete protection for your RZR’s front end. Your headlights, grill, and fenders will all remain safe from light impacts with this corrosion resistant steel guard installed. This bumper is unique in its design, using the existing mounting holes in the RZR’s frame. It can also be used in conjunction with any winch or plow system, and you can even purchase a matching bumper for the rear. For a front bumper that is equally strong, and also offers an integrated skid plate and headlight protection, consider the DG moto plate aluminum front bumper. A great alternative to heavier steel bumpers, this bumper’s skid plate offers complete protection for the front end and front undercarriage in a beautiful, polished aluminum finish.

If you love that sporty baja look and like the simplicity of an integrated lighting kit, Polaris also offers an RZR pre-runner front bumper with two 35 watt halogen lights and a complete wiring harness. This bumper also mounts to the existing holes in the frame for easy installation, and can be used with your winch or plow system. All of this for around $325!

Warn Industries is best known for its winches, and the high quality of all of its products. Their Polaris RZR Front bumper is no exception. Made from 1/8″ thick laser-cut steel, the bumper’s contour closely follows the RZR’s lines. With the ability to mount a winch or plow system, it also offers unmatched versatility. It mounts to the existing bumper, and folds forward to easily access the under-hood compartment. Check out the picture of this bumper at the top of this article for the toughest look you can find anywhere.

Of course, the rear of the RZR is often forgotten, but frequently damaged by low-lying rocks and debris, and should you be unfortunate enough to find yourself flipping end over end (hey, it happens), the cage is completely insufficient to protect your rear fenders and headlights. Easy solutions are offered by Tusk and Trail Armor. Both are sufficient to protect the body, lights and vulnerable drivetrain. We like some added utility from our rear bumper, and there are multiple frame extensions available that mount to the rear frame as well as the upper rear cage. The added strength is always a nice way to tighten up the frame, and Tusk offers a frame extension that includes a rear cargo rack with an integrated Spare Tire Carrier for around $350.

You spent lot of hard-earned cash on your new RZR. Don’t skimp on the few accessories that can both improve the look of your RZR and protect its most vital and expensive components. Get yourself the heavy duty Polaris RZR rear bumpers that your machine never should have left the showroom floor without!


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