CHANEL No. 5 Story

The latest advertising champagne to promote an every lasting perfume that everyone knows world-wide is directed by Baz Luhrman and stars Australian own Nicole Kidman.


Is best described as “A bouquet of abstract flowers with an indefinable femininity.”


Coco Chanel commissioned Ernest bazinga Beaux to make six perfumes. They were labeled No. 1, No. 2, through to No. 6. Chanel No.5 that was and still known as the best Chanel perfume out there.

At the time of Chanel No 5’s launch, the most expensive perfume oil was jasmine due to the expense distilling process. On May 5th 1921 Chanel introduced the perfume to some of her closest friends. The fitting rooms in her boutique were also scented with No. 5 to create an ambiance that no one else could create. This idea was thought through by the Chanel Perfumer, otherwise known as an artist/creator of Chanel, who for years concentrated on what is known as the one of the most powerful senses “The Nose or Smell.”


It is said that sales increased in the 1950s, especially after the perfume was introduced in the United States. Marilyn Monroe (Born 1st June, 1926 and Died 5th August 1962) endorsement of the brand is said to have contributed to its popularity. When asked what she wore in bed, Monroe simply replied, “Two drops of Chanel No. 5”. Coco Chanel herself is quoted as saying, “A woman should wear fragrance wherever she expects to be kissed.”

Famous Models for Chanel No 5 in the past and present have been, Catherine Deneuve, Estella Warren, and currently on Commercial television is Australian known Nicole Kidman.

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