Mixed Martial Arts

I am really happy about the latest development in mixed martial arts. MMA has really become a complete sport and started getting massive amounts of recognition. What I really love about mixed martial arts is that it really is as “real as it gets”. For example if you look at a wrestling competition or boxing match the loser can always say stuff like “This is wrong, if this was a grappling or stand up match I would have won”, in mixed martial arts however you have the opportunity to do anything you want, of course within the given rule set (Which in my opinion is 町田 ダンススクール extremely fair and only there to protect the fighters from long term injuries).

What I am really looking forward to see is where mixed martial arts will go in the next couple of years. One thing is for sure it is going to keep growing and evolving with massive speed, but I would love to take a look into the future and see whether other sports like karate, wing chun and taek wondo are going to be more visible in the sport or whether we are going to have pure hybrid mixed martial arts fighters who are extremely well rounded and just call themselves MMA fighters instead of wrestler/boxer/kickboxers.

One thing that has been proven several times, especially in the Ultimate fighting championships is that the guys who are world class level in one area and average- great in all the other areas simply dominate and destroy the competition. Examples of guys like this is: Machida, Brock Lesnar, Anderson Silva and Shogun Rua, what really remains the question however is if it will be the same way in say for example 5-10 years, or will the other fighters be so skilled in the sport of MMA that the only way to become a champ is to be extremely well rounded and strong in all aspects of the game.

Anyhow, I predict a bright future for mixed martial arts and hopefully we won’t have any freak accidents or freakshow matches that will ruin the great name of mixed martial arts as a sport and more specifically the ultimate fighting championships. As a side note I really feel that the ultimate fighter series should cancelled as it is simply not entertaining anymore, maybe due to the lack of new upcoming talents.

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