Direct Response Call Center – Handling Bulk Response With Efficiency

In direct response marketing, every business aims for high volume. Whether a business is advertising on TV or radio, creating an infomercial, or a 15-second spot, it will want thousands of people interested in their product, and all of them contacting their company.

But after pouring all the time and effort in to making a successful commercial, it would be a shame if the company cannot respond to their potential buyers due to the reason that their phone lines can’t handle the bulk call volume. It will be a waste of time, money and goodwill and no company can afford to make than mistake.

According to research, 34% of customers hang up and do not call back when they are put on hold. A company can win a fair share of this 34% if they invest in hiring a proficient answering service from a direct response call center.

However, before you opt for a direct response call center, you need to keep 4 important things in mind:


  1. Location: Hiring a call center is a pricey affair. Therefore, you need to decide whether you want to opt for an onshore, offshore or near shore one. While onshore call centers can charge you a hefty sum, offshore call centers might offer you a moderate pricing. However, some of the offshore ones may have issues with quality as well. Therefore, a near shore call center is ideal for a response team.
  2. Quality: When it comes to hiring a call center for direct response marketing business, it is essential to put stress on quality. Without quality, there will be value leakage and the company will not be earning the optimum profit.
  3. Experience: Before opting for a call center, a company must first see if they are proficient to handle direct response marketing. Having prior experience in handing such clients might be an added advantage. They will have the know-how and skill to handle call spikes and complaints.
  4. Cost: There are a number of factors that affect cost –
    • Call Volume: The more the call volume, the more costly the campaign will be
    • Operating Hours: The number of hours a company needs a response team to work for them will influence the cost
    • Languages Used: If a company wants to hire a response team for their non-English-speaking customers, it will cost them more.
    • Campaign Type: If a company opts for a live agent campaign, it will cost them more. On the other hand if they opt for an interactive voice response (IVR), it will be a cheaper option. However, in case of direct response marketing, it is always better to opt for a live agent campaign as it gives the company a scope to deal each customer personally. This eventually increases the chance of sales.


There are three types of contracts that can be used with a call center, these are –


  • Cost per call.
  • Cost per order
  • Cost per agent hour


Apart from these pricing models, there are other innovative pricing models such as a percentage of revenue. In some cases, the call center also customizes their pricing model to suit your needs.

Lastly, reporting the performance is also an important aspect of a direct response call center. These reports will give Client Company a clear idea about what is working in the campaign and where it requires improvement.


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