A Strategy That Is Well Planned – Bulk SMS Marketing

Philip Kotler and his co-author Kevin Keller in his powerful book, Marketing Management has mentioned a few lines about Management – “Marketing is about identifying and meeting human and social needs. One of the shortest good definitions of marketing is “meeting needs profitably.” The definition of Marketing is the best of what has ever been told about management.

Other than the above definition, there is one more definition that is equally famous and this one has come from another great scholar Richard Schefren, “Marketing is bringing the market to desire your product or service.”

If you are one of those few marketers who are new to this business and are looking out for some unique ways to promote your business, then there’s an exclusive one available for you and this one’s called – Bulk SMS Marketing.

SMS is supposedly considered as an effective tool of communication as well as announcement now-a-days. It is one of the most convenient forms of communication. It doesn’t steal too much time of a person. Since a message can stay in your inbox for a really long time and since it’s delivery can be assured with a ping back report, most companies and businesses prefer SMS communication with their preferable clients and targeted customers.

The entire idea of SMS Marketing or Bulk SMS Marketing is based out on the promotion of your business through a unique an d exclusive idea where in you can look out for contact details of people and send them a message that contains the basic idea of your business and how it should be helpful to them in near future. But, if you are one of those few marketers that think that investing in bulk SMS Marketing is foolish and that whatever marketing you are doing through SMS’s is because you have a lot of money, then all you should know is that this is not the fact. Instead Bulk SMS Marketing is counted to be the best marketing technique for businesses because a short, crisp yet detailed message is one that every user reads and you can simply send in message to all those people who own mobile phones- which is an approximate percentage of 97.9.

However, before starting with the renowned process of SMS Campaigning it is important to get every detail about it. Design and plan the strategy of bulk SMS campaigning efficiently by using these seven steps:

1. Get the phone numbers of potential customers: I you want to be BULK SMS  successful in SMS campaigning, it is important that you get the contact details of potential customers.

2. Segment the phone list: Segmentation the phone list is done to make sure which customers are supposedly the most convenient ones and who show more interest in your product/service/business.

3. Make Sure the Delivery of SMS is Made: This isn’t a difficult thing to do and is definitely an important one, because it is important to make sure that your message is delivered to your customer.

4. Try to Engage Maximum Impact: Trying to create an impact on your customers is the idea o SMS campaigning, therefore it is very important that you do it in the right manner. Create an impact by using the best promotional content.

5. Tack your Customers: Remember your customers. Make sure that you track them and know what they have in mind about your business and how well they thing your promotion is. Never forget your customer with one message.

6. Be Frequent in Messaging them: Be frequent in reminding your customers about your services and the great deals that you’re bringing in for them. By sending them message frequently you can be sure that they are reading them and that more people are engaging in your business ideas.

A successful business is the one that uses the right methodologies of promotion because it helps them stay in direct contact with customers for an extremely long time.

Bulk SMS Marketing is indeed the best technique ever and it gives your business a great height at every possible level.

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