Captain Marvel

Posted by J. Brayton on Mar 11th 2019

As I sit at my computer and much on the last of my movie popcorn from last night, I wonder why the Captain Marvel movie is getting so much hate with the online community? Personally, I really enjoyed … read more

Luke Cage

Posted by J. Brayton on Jan 13th 2019

I have watched Marvel's Luke Cage on Netflix season one and season two and I was expecting a season three but I hear it's not coming out. Really, come on that was a good show. I enjoyed every minute o … read more


Posted by Jesse Brayton on Jan 4th 2019

I did see the Venom movie a couple weeks ago and it was good, but not great. First let me say that I have been a Venom fan since I was 13 and this symbiote is one of my favorite characters besides Pun … read more

Aqua Man movie

Posted by Jesse Brayton on Jan 1st 2019

I went and seen Aqua-man with cool group of comic fans from my local shop last Sunday. We were all pumped for the movie going in and our expectations were lofty. After the movie seen some disappointed … read more
Hello World! Our first hit.

Hello World! Our first hit.

Posted by Jesse Brayton on Feb 15th 2014

Hello World!On December 8th of 2018 we got our first hit, As I rolled out the website. Testing and more testing and finally on Dec 27th we went live for a soft open. Our Grand opening will be on Janua … read more