Book Online To Save Money On Flights

More than ever, travellers booking flights today are able to find cheaper prices for their airline tickets than ever before thanks to the huge number of price comparison sites on the Internet booking hotels.

By using online price aggregators such as Flight Seeker, you will be able to compare the best available prices with a number of different airlines to discover which is cheapest.

Research carried out about the online behaviour of consumers booking travel online found that around a third of people visited more than 3 web sites to find a lower price and to take advantage of the greater flexibility offered by buying flights online.

By ignoring traditional high street travel agents, it is possible to save around 25% on airline tickets with major airlines thanks to the lower cost per booking that is available from online travel agencies.

Top tips to save money on your flight include booking your ticket in advance. Many airlines offer what is called an Apex fare, which must be booked more than 3 weeks in advance.

Another great way of saving money is to consider flying indirect with another airline rather than on a point to point service. Quite often, carriers like Air France offer cheaper airfares than British Airways on routes to the USA via Paris.

One of the best ways to get a cheap airline ticket is to be flexible about the day that you fly. Typically you will pay the most to fly on a Friday and return on a Sunday, as these are the busiest days of the week. If you can, book a flight in the middle of the week, as flights are quieter, and avoid school holidays when the demand is highest.

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