How to Permanently Erase Data So That It Cannot be Recovered


Step by step instructions to Permanently Erase Data So That It Cannot be Recovered

WonderHowTo Jan 11, 2012, 12:15 AM

The present instructional exercise will show you how to eradicate information for all time with the goal that it can’t be recuperated. Many accept that having a record shredder on the PC implies you are planning something sinister.

So when may you need to utilize a safe eraser? Lets state you checked your drivers permit in light of the fact that a Government Department needs it to affirm your character.

It is evident for something so classified, you should utilize some type of encryption, for example, Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). Be that as it may – you need to offer your PC to gain a couple of bucks. The issue? Your PC is canvassed in bank subtleties, checked duplicates of your drivers permit, birth testament, and so forth

The arrangement? Erase it from the reuse receptacle! One could wish it was that simple at any rate. This article will disclose how to delete that information so it can never be recouped.


Secure shredders with proof to help the way that the safe shredder can eradicate the information for all time. CCleaner is one and Eraser is another that will do it well.

Presently we additionally need something to secret phrase secure our archives and a spot to produce long and complex passwords . I suggest Ultra High Security Password Generator and Axcrypt.

Setting up CCleaner to shred secret information

Run CCleaner – > alternatives – > settings: Ensure “Add Run CCleaner choice to reuse container setting menu is checked. Check “Secure File Deletion (Slower)” and change the overwrite to seven passes or a suggested 35 (Gutmann) pass. Further – check “Wipe Alternate Data Streams” and “Wipe Cluster Tips”. See the picture underneath.

Setting up Eraser to shred private informationeraseronline

Open Eraser – > settings: Ensure “default record eraser strategy” 35 passes and “default unused space deletion technique” is 35 passes. At that point click “spare settings”.

Don’t hesitate to likewise go to – > eradicate plan – > errand and you can have Eraser delete certain organizers or even the reuse container consistently, week or month.

Since we have introduced the suggested programming, and designed the settings for greatest outcomes, we will presently begin the destroying cycle.

Stage 1 Password Protect the archive

First – go to the Ultra High Security Password Generator site and gather your secret phrase. I suggest the 63-arbitrary ASCII characters for extreme insurance.

Next – rename the archive to “101010” as you would prefer not to keep the document name. At that point right snap the record, drift over Axcrypt at that point click encode. Enter the secret key yet to glue it – press Ctrl + V. Press OK then the record will scramble itself.

Stage 2 Erase the report

Right snap the report and press erase. It will at that point be shipped off the reuse container. At last, right snap the reuse canister and press “run CCleaner”.


The document(s) is currently difficult to recuperate and their is no compelling reason to stress over wholesale fraud any longer. All the information is deleted and unrecoverable. It is likewise difficult to discover what the document names were.

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