So you’re considering hiring You flow Me for your circulate.

In the course of this manner you’ve got probably weighed many options and requested your self many questions.

One of the maximum important questions you would possibly have is how your matters are going to be covered during your circulate. Are you able to virtually agree with a shifting business enterprise to take the proper steps to shield your personal assets, or are you higher off shifting your self?

We realize how vital your objects are to you, which means your objects are especially critical to us as properly.

Here is only a small listing of lengths we take to defend your gadgets!

1. When we arrive on web page we use “bumpers” on all doorways, inner and external to hold your furniture and belongings – as well as the doorways – included throughout your move.

2. Our gadget is wrapped cautiously in shielding blankets.

Defensive-matters-in the course of-a-move

This insures that our device will not scratch or damage any of your items while we’re transferring it from one area to the subsequent. (if you look near enough you can even see a bumper on the front door!)

3. We’ve got the “proper” type of gadget to move all of your items.

As an instance, pictured above are a few very massive rubber bands we use while moving furniture. Those bands are specially made to wrap round big objects that won’t near well on their very own. This may maintain objects from establishing at some stage in the transferring or transporting system.

Defensive-your-things-at some point of-moving

4. We wrap the whole thing…literally the entirety

Chairs to the dining room table featured underneath? Sure, we wrap them!


5. We cozy all items to the truck, so even in case you assume you don’t have sufficient to fill a full shifting truck, don’t worry approximately objects moving. We connect it all to the truck to avoid any movement whilst we are riding from one region to the ne

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