One in all our movers in San Diego, Cody Combes, had the opportunity of a lifetime whilst a jap fact show about worldwide professionals asked if they might fly one among our team participants distant places for a characteristic. Of path we said sure!

Cody shared his revel in with the You move Me weblog:

“properly, if i was to put my trip to Japan within the only of phrases, ‘whirlwind’ would be an underestimation. I will’t thanks circulate Me and Gabe [Franchise Partner] sufficient for the opportunity to move and be part of something so interesting and brilliant.

The television show is supposed for older enterprise-minded human beings, and the purpose is to have specialists from around the world come and spot how a eastern organisation does the identical task; then we remark and ask questions on what we noticed.


The moving employer we shadowed is a part of the artwork company called the 0123. The 0123 is an amazingly professional business enterprise that put customer service first and did a incredible activity with house and belongings protection. The employees have been properly-educated and properly prepared, even within the stirs of chaos at some point of all of the filming. It was crazy to look the very slim streets and the vans they have to make the flow viable in those regions.


The group become exceptional and friendly the complete time; in spite of a language barrier, they had been very polite. The mind-set and professionalism of the GM and crew, I trust, were without delay related to the giant schooling they had for his or her team. All of their primary centers had mock homes or residences wherein to educate new employees and refresh antique ones. They would cover the whole thing: the initial greeting of the consumer at the door, the residence protection, the furnishings protection, and moving everything out of the mock house. The training turned into thorough and constructive.


Overall, the trip became properly well worth my time and a amazing studying enjoy.”

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