Tablet Kiosk Floor Stand Selection and Positioning For Greater Engagement

More and more tablets are finding greater use in establishments like public information kiosks, restaurants, hotels, retail POS, libraries, banks, travel agencies, exhibitions and offices. Coupled with the right software, these ubiquitous devices are actually helping these establishments engage customers better and deliver a better user experience.

Tablets in such use environments are usually mounted in enclosures of one type or the other for security purpose and for greater ease of use. One can choose from a range of enclosures and stands such as compact ones that can be mounted on a table or a countertop. Wall mounts are equally popular in certain establishments where space is at a premium or for the sake of convenience. The greatest flexibility is offered by the tablet kiosk floor stand. It is versatile and the perfect choice.

Choose the right type of floor stand for tablets. Factors to consider are height, adjustable enclosure, safety, charging of the device and aesthetics. The height is important. Most such floor stands have a fixed height for the mounting tube. The tube itself is angled at the top to position the enclosure for better usability. Usability is further enhanced by the enclosure having a pivot at the back to adjust the angle and for tilting purposes. A lightweight tube and solid ABS enclosure provide the perfect match.

Some may consider a tube with an adjustable height but it is not absolutely necessary. As for the enclosure it must have a charging facility besides a Kensington type lock to hold the device securely and prevent any attempt at tampering or theft.

Where to position the tablet is another important consideration to drive better customer engagement. Position it right by the entrance for the sake of convenience and in this case what happens is that most people who walk in are likely to overlook it.

One can position it in such a way that anyone who walks in through the door sees the tablet immediately. Its attention grabbing power can be further enhanced by the placement of a suitably sized placard with text like “Use me”. Should the stand be bolted to the floor? In certain situations such as in museums and libraries it can be bolted to the floor.

However, in some cases as in waiting rooms of hospitals or smaller travel agencies, it is best to avoid bolting it to the floor and position it in a way that will attract people to make use of the tablet. Tablets can be positioned at entrances to shopping malls to help shoppers find the appropriate products, deals and sections. The stands can be kept at exits to encourage shoppers to leave feedbacks and suggestions. It is all up to the imagination of the establishment owner as to how to leverage the capability of the stand to boost usability of tablets and derive better results while delivering better customer satisfaction.

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