The Pectoralis Muscles and Good Posture

The pair of pectoralis muscles are attached at the tip of your shoulders and connect to the clavicles and upper ribs. They are diagonal in appearance and for a person with good posture they provide a base for a robust upper chest. Would you like to have a better appearance of these muscles? Continue reading to find out how, simply through stretching and lengthening your body, you can refine your pectoralis muscles so that your chest and shoulders become robust.

Other positives are that your breathing will improve and you’ll gain more self respect. You’ll also gain respect from others, particularly from those of the opposite sex. This enhancement is a key to your life changing for the better.

As you may know, for the person with bad posture, the bulge, or “definition” of the pectoralis muscles cannot be readily seen. This is because poor posture makes our chests concave and the pectoralis are hidden, shrouded over by the clavicles and slackened skin. We can change this appearance. First, let’s find out exactly what it is that we must improve.

Poor posture causes many problems in the region of the pectoralis muscles. One, because you cannot see the pectoralis’ “definition,” one’s appearance in this area of the chest is shallow. A second problem is that the pectoralis muscles are not doing their job.

These muscles would naturally perform two functions. First, they help to hold up the chest when the back is lengthened and aligned. Secondly, once in their upright position, they actually become prominent and are visible in the following way. They provide padding for the surrounding ligaments, fat, and skin. This layering or padding is attractive as it shows an upright, bold, upper chest and shoulders. Also this extra layer positioned higher, near the voice box makes the voice resonate. This is good for singers as well as giving a person a good sounding voice when talking.

OK, let’s get to the good part. How do we acquire appropriate pectoralis muscles so we can feel and look great? As always, we must have a lengthened spine, aligned neck, and a balanced head atop the squared shoulders. I discuss this often in my other documents and videos. Once the upper body is aligned, the neck muscles pull up the shoulders,clavicles, sternum, and upper ribs.

The sternocleidomastoid muscles or the long, thin, pair of front neck muscles are especially important in this lifting process. Only after this more lengthened and aligned posture is attained, can one begin to stretch the pectoralis muscles so they help you breathe, to hold up your chest, and to help your appearance. Please remember, this is a process.

Even though these are passive exercises, there are steps to acquiring good posture, and they are best taken in as “steps.” May I suggest that you read my earlier posts, or download my e-books. You will more easily accomplish this refinement of enhancing the pectoralis muscles and changing for the better.

Once the spine, neck, and head are aligned, with the chest pulled up by the neck muscles, one can widen the shoulders. This is good for several reasons. It looks good. Obviously wider shoulders are attractive. Both females and males look better with squared shoulders. Secondly the squared shoulders opens the chest cavity so the ribs may move forward. Thirdly,

the pectoralis muscles are pulled in opposite directions and lift the chest furher. And last, the squared shoulders tighten the skin to allow the pectoralis to “present” themselves as a base, under laying the surrounding muscles, fat and skin. This appearance gives one a robust chest and nice “cut” to the shoulders. Breathing through the nose and inflating the lungs is easier as the clavicles, shoulders, head and neck are lifted up from the top of the chest. The pressure is “off” of the chest.


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